Videoconferencing for Board Meetings

Videoconferencing has replaced face-to- meeting in virtually every industry, including board meetings. As technology evolves and we adjust to changing circumstances there are certain aspects that must be maintained to ensure that the efficiency of board meetings through videoconferencing is maintained.

It’s tempting to appear less professional in a videoconference as the world seems to change so fast. This is not the time to cut corners. Board meetings that are conducted via video conferencing need the same protocol as traditional meetings. It is essential that all participants be mindful of how their behavior can affect others around them.

The first step is to choose an online video conference software program that offers the features required for efficient remote meetings. A good platform permits everyone to join in the meeting with ease and offers adequate security. It will also provide tools to manage the call before, during and following and after the call, making it seamless.

When the meeting is in progress participants should remember to turn off their microphones when they’re not speaking to reduce potential distractions. Avoid wearing patterns or colors that can distract and ensure that the lighting is suitable for video conference. This will prevent from glares and poor angles when viewing the conference on camera. Before the meeting begins, it is important to establish an agenda clearly. This will ensure that the meeting stays on track and the most pertinent issues are addressed.

conduct board meeting by videoconferencing

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