A 2021 Comparison of the Best Node js Frameworks by Alim Arslan Kaya

But on the other hand enforces the project structure to you, which I don’t like. You can use NestJs with microservice architecture.where you can also use socket.io for web socket. I have used Node.js and found it interesting, but I am wondering If I am taking the risk of choosing a framework that has a comparatively lesser scope in the future. One advantage I see with the node.js is the number of tutorials available and the ease with which I can code. If you use Nodejs, you should use one more frontend language like reactjs or angularjs.

nodejs vs nestjs

NestJs is one of the rapidly growing NodeJs framework with alot of users. So as like me if you are starting with new project and confuse between these then go for Nest. It will make your life easier by helping you as much as expected. Also there documentation is amazing you can find anything you want at their webiste. Node uses JavaScript in actual but we can use typescript in Express but that isn’t actual typescript.

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Because both frameworks use compiled languages, compilers can catch trivial errors like type errors before runtime. And, ExpressJS is a fast NodeJS framework used to build web and mobile applications. Developers describe Nest JS as the progressive Node.JS framework that develops efficient and scalable applications. With the updated Javascript and Typescript and combining the various layers of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Additionally, it unites FP (Functional Programming) and FRP (Functional Reactive Programming). Let’s understand the different frameworks before hiring the best Node.js developers.

nodejs vs nestjs

How you handle exceptions is really important, and conveniently, Nest sorts all of that out for you. A module is a class that has been annotated with the @Module() decorator. Nest uses the metadata provided by the @Module() decorator to organize the application structure. Nest comes with its own CLI to initiate and scaffold a project quickly.


When choosing your framework, you should be aware of common pitfalls. Times change, and some frameworks might become more adopted not because of their sheer capability, but because they won a popularity contest. After the dot-com burst, JavaScript was also becoming increasingly popular.

JavaScript is easy to use and you can save a lot of code but there isn’t strict typing like type script so there always a chance of creating bugs. Like in JavaScript if you send wrong object and diff type value that wasn’t expected then then you need to spend alot of time to debug this. But with type script you’ll use proper pattern that won’t allow you to do so. You need to follow strict typing and you will not face issues like this. To give your projects a head start, we pack many baseline features within the core of the framework.

A basic Node + Express App

Here’s a framework that’s primarily focused on speed and performance (more about that later). In 2019, Fastify joined the OpenJS foundation as an incubating project, and since then, the framework has evolved in leaps and bounds. The newest player on the market is catching a lot of attention from developers due to its simple design and high performance. Next.js and Nest.js are two such frameworks that have seen growth in their demand. Developers of all sorts are finding ways to simplify the creation of web applications. These frameworks reduce confusion and, in turn, help you save time.

This is because Nest was developed as an extension of Node.js, which provides a server-side platform for developers who wish to use Javascript within their applications. Sticking with the component-based structure of Angular, Nest.js is built around the idea of components and how they interact with one another. https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-senior-nestjs-developer/ Nest.js takes this idea a step further by introducing a hierarchical component system that allows for components to be nested within other components. This creates a very natural and easy way to construct your application in a way that feels intuitive and familiar to developers from all backgrounds.

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But, there are some instances where using ASP.NET will make more sense. ASP.NET is a web framework created by Microsoft that uses Microsoft’s C# programming language. ASP.NET has been around for a long time, from as early as 2002. Even so, it has improved tremendously over the years and has continuously released a new version annually. Nest.js has created a community of developers with plenty of resources available to help out new programmers. Nest.js has a larger following than Next.js and is more likely to have more readily available developers if you need someone to jump in on your project.

  • And if you are a new developer and just joined a year-old project you will be just lost.
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  • Some examples of what to build with NestJS include enterprise-level web applications and ecommerce applications.
  • It is safe to say that Nest can be easily learned by Angular developers for any type of project.
  • NestJs is one of the rapidly growing NodeJs framework with alot of users.
  • During the early 2010s, Microsoft engineers created a superset of JavaScript with a robust types system called TypeScript.

Next is the most popular framework compared to the other two. It has more npm weekly downloads, GitHub stars and number of contributors. DEV Community — A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. It should be simpler, type checking with plain Javascript is often a pain… Use some kind of Javascript framework, there are many options out there, but for this post we are using NestJs. Even though you can use TypeScript with Express as well, NestJS is just made for it.

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NestJS becomes a better choice for developers as it is clearly based on an architecture with components like modules, controllers, and providers. You can also divide the application into microservices which makes development easy and code understandable. Although Nest also uses Express but the framework its self help a lot with implementation however Nest also provides an alternative way to change the underlying framework from express to Fastify. Express is more like unstructured, by unstructured I mean we need to take care of the design pattern by our self it doesn’t force or help us with this. So we don’t need to take care of these things while adding another new functionality/module in our project.

nodejs vs nestjs

There are some threads in stack overflow where people are comparing a “hello world” performance benchmark between Express and Nest. Since Nest itself uses Express underneath, it’s really stupid to compare these two. To get a lot better performance, Nest gives an alternative way to change the underneath framework implementation from Express to Fastify (another node framework). I am a big fan of NodeJS for its thin simplistic approach. I have been using Node.js since 2011–12 and Express has been my default framework of choice for quick prototyping or writing micro-service API.

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